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Filtering by protocol type posted 03/06/2003
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Hi everyone,
I'd like to get your opinion for filtering  MAC frame by protocol type (for example to filter a frame by ether type - pacer software --> 80c6).

Below is the config . Is there any other way to accomplish this task ? Does not Cisco 3550 bridging in ieee ? 

switch(config)#bridge 1 protocol ?
  dec          DEC protocol
  ibm          IBM protocol
  vlan-bridge  vlan-bridge protocol


interface FastEthernet0/9
 no switchport
 no ip address
 bridge-group 1
 bridge-group 1 input-type-list 200

switch#sh access-lists 200
Type code access list 200
    permit 0x80C6 0x0000

bridge 1 protocol dec

Thanks in advance,





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