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Changing parameters on an EtherChannel Trunk posted 03/06/2003
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suppose the following config on a 3550;

int range fa0/1 -4
switchport mode trunk
channel-group 4 mode desirable

What's the best way to

    1)  change parameters that apply to the etherchannel as a whole,  ex:
which vlan are              allowed on the etherchannel?  or the trunking
encap (ISL or 802.1q)?

    2)  Add or remove a link to the etherchannel?

If you change a parameter on an individual link, say, the allowed vlans, will
that change automatically be propagated to the other links and the remote
switch or will it disable the etherchannel?

If to change a parameter for the etherchannel, you must change it on an
individual link, does it matter which link you make the change on?

(Sorry for all the questions, but the documentation doesn't address this stuff
and I figure with 2 3550's in the lab, this type of stuff is prime lab meat.)