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RE: Access-server problems posted 03/06/2003
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Make sure you have "no exec" under the async lines. If you do have "no
exec" configured under the async lines, clear all the lines and then

Brian Dennis, CCIE #2210 (R&S/ISP Dial/Security)

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Subject: Access-server problems

I have had an access server for my lab for some time now.  While doing 
write erases/reload on my routers after a lab, I accidentally did this 
on the AS.  I put the configuration back exactly as it was and now when 
I reverse telnet to one of the lines, I get a flood of garbage 
characters.  Eventually this stops and I get the router console, but 
it's pretty annoying.  I am pretty sure I have the correct config since 
I copied it from Caslow's book.  Any ideas?