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Re: Default information originate..... OSPF posted 12/20/2002
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Hi all guys,

As I know, the scenario 1 and 2 are absolutely right. But to the three, I
think there isn't such a solution for OSPF to originate a default route to
OSPF domain. I just tried it in my lab once again. No any type 5 in OSPF
database generate by my commands as below:

ip route
router ospf 1
redistribute static subnets

I also tried using Rip(generate + router ospf 1-> redistribute rip
subnets. The result is the same.

Do your practices in your lab succeed to the third scenario?
Thanks for your clearance in advance and Merry Christmas to all of your kind
Richard Hanks
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  Sent: Thursday, December 19, 2002 3:51 PM
  Subject: Default information originate..... OSPF

  Senerio 1 --->   On an ASBR you use the "Default-Information originate"
  command and have a static default defined. My understanding of this command
  is that OSPF will pick the default up and propagate it.
  Senerio 2 ----->  On an ASBR you use the "default-information originate
  always" command and OSPF will inject a default route into its domain  .
  Senerio 3----> you Create a static default and redistribute the static into
  OSPF. senerio 2 what  interface does OSPF choose as its next hop
  interface on the router that you put the command on ie the ASBR
  Question......Are all these senerios basicaly doing the same thing and if
  there is a difference..what is it?
  Thankyou for any input you might provide.
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