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RE: 4000 router hardware question posted 11/19/2002
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Gene, I'm sure this will be ok.

I've swapped out DC power supplies on 2500's before, although not on 4000's
I even have 4 2500's running from a single PC AT power supply - the +5v rail
etc, is fed through a little hole at the back of the router and connects to
the plug on the main board. ;-)

If you do a "show ver" on some devices - cats in particular, then you see a
part number and serial number for the power supply. I think the 4000's are
old (and heavy) enough not to be this clever,

good luck, please don't blame me if it blows up!


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Subject: 4000 router hardware question

Can I take the DC power supply out of a 4000 series DC router (4000M) and
replace it with a spare AC power supply and end up with a working box? Or is
there some further difference between the 2 models?