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OT:2500 router problem posted 11/03/2002
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folks ;
i have 2501 router has an interesting problem 

when the router boots , it do not accept any command from the hyper terminal ,however.
1-the boot process goes normally with all the messages shows on the hyper terminal .

2- i changed the DRAM , Flash , bootRom with working ones ,however the router still did not accept any command 

3-when i send break signal , it breaks the boot process but again nothing shows up when i type any char .

4-the hyperterminal settings is working fine with other routers .

the only thing i might think of is the value of the config-reg , it might be something which dont allow receiving from the console ( just guessing ) 

so is there anything ( like jumper on the main board ) i can do to reset its value if this assumption is right  .

otherwise what i miss here ????


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