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Re: DLSw+ peer keepalive 0 posted 10/31/2002
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I got a reply earlier on, keepalive 0 you can put either local or remote
peer, but most put on both side.

the only difference is, if you put at local peer it will affect all the
remote peer, if you put at remote peer, then only the specific remote
peer is affected.

hope this helps.


>From: "Persio Pucci" >Reply-To: "Persio Pucci" >To:
ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx >Subject: DLSw+ peer keepalive 0 >Date: Wed, 30
Oct 2002 11:48:46 -0300 > >Folks, > >if I am using a ISDN circuit as
backup for a DLSw+, for >example, what should I set the keepalive as
zero? The remote >peer statement or the local peer statement? > >On
Solie's, the example on 924 says on the local peer, but >shouldn't it be
on the remote peer? > >Persio > > >--- >UOL Eleigues 2002 - Todos os
lances da disputa polmtica >


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