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OT: VOIP Telephony question posted 10/28/2002
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Hi folks,
I have the following scenario that I would like to seek for advice/help.

	1)	I have a channelized T1 coming in to the office which
split into
		12 channels for internet and 12 channels for voice
	2)	From the CSU/DSU, I have a DTE/V.35 cable connecting
into my Cisco 3662 for internet.

	3)	For my other 12 voice channels, I would like to do VOIP
using all Cisco IP phones model 7960 and a Cisco 3640 with one
		Do I have enough equipment to setup my internal VOIP
network so that internally, I can call my other colleages and
externally, I can use the 		same ip phone to call the
outside world?  Please provide configuration guidelines or advice on
what kind of equipment I'm missing to complete 		this project.
Thanks for any help.

Jose Martos
Loud Packet, Inc.
26755 Jefferson Ave. Suite F
Murrieta, CA 92562
Email: jose@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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