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Re: DDR question. posted 10/23/2002
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enginedrive2002 wrote:
> Would someone read the doc link below, and answer a few questions:
> 1. On router maui-soho-01, "ip ospf demand-circuit" is configured under BRI
> interface, why in the example, access-list 101 still need to have "deny ospf
> any any"? I have never test OSPF demand-circuit at before, but I "guess" with
> the "ip ospf demand-circuit" command, it will already suppress the hello
> packets. Would someone confirm this?

I guess they just wanted to make sure the link did not start without
bothering to chase little problems that trigger LSA updates and so the

Fact is that a proper config with OSPF demand will keep the line quiet
when the routing is stable, without that filter.

> 2. On router maui-nas-05, under BRI interface, the example doesn't configure
> any number to dial, which mean it could only answer the call. But why in the
> example, it has "dialer-group", "dialer-list" command to define interesting
> traffic? Just to reset the idle-timer while the BRI link is up? Any other
> purpose here?

Without it, the receiving end would clear the line after the standard
2 minutes timer even if there is valid traffic going on.
Then the originating side would dial again, for another 2 minutes
talk, and again, and again...

> Thank you!
> Regards,
> E.D.

-- Carlos G Mendioroz <tron@xxxxxxxxxxx> LW7 EQI Argentina