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Flash Memory for Cisco 3000 posted 10/22/2002
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I tried to use the flash memory I got for 2500 to
upgrade my 3000 router, but it can not recognize.  I
also upgrade to boot rom to Version 11.0(10c)XB2. 
Before I upgrade bootrom, it can recognize the 16M
flash but with this info:

Flash: invalid chip id 0xFFFF for flash
       unable to configure flash for erase or write.

Router(boot)#sh flash
16384K bytes of flash memory on embedded flash (in

Flash: no files in flash memory
Flash: flash memory not writeable.

it's Version 9.1(4) [fc1].   After I upgrade ROM, it
can not recognize the flash memory.

Is it possible for me to upgrade 3000 with 2500 flash



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