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RE: Frame Relay back-to-back on T1 CSU/DSU module posted 10/17/2002
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I believe configuring one of the routers with "frame-relay switching" and
specifying that routers' interface as "frame-relay intf-type dce" should do
the trick. I'm not sure if you have to use the same dlci on both sides or
not. The same mapping rules apply to this configuration. Good luck

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From: Sam Munzani [mailto:sam@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: Frame Relay back-to-back on T1 CSU/DSU module


How can you do Frame Relay encapsulation back to back with 2 routers(T1
CSU/DSU modules with T1 cross over cable)?

Any suggestions? I want to do 2 circuits just like this and bundle them

Sam Munzani
CCIE # 6479 (R&S)