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RE: bgp problem. posted 10/17/2002
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	Hi did this, and i belive this is what you where saying:

			I did this:

		Access-list 10 permit

	Then: Route-map mymap permit 10
			Match ip address 10

	And finally: Router bgp 100
			Redistribute connected route-map mymap

			Didn't work:(

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From: steven.j.nelson@xxxxxx [mailto:steven.j.nelson@xxxxxx] 
Sent: quinta-feira, 17 de Outubro de 2002 16:18
To: Nuno Ventura; ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: bgp problem.


You could redistribute connected networks into BGP and tie down your
loopback with a route map.

Does this help ?

CCIE #10055

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From: Nuno Ventura [mailto:Nuno.ventura@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 17 October 2002 15:26
To: ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: bgp problem.

            Good afternoon.
            This is my first mail , so please sorry if i can't express
myself corretly.
            I have a small problem.
                        How can I announce a loopback interface into BGP
without disabling synchronization, and without using network?
            I think it can be done with route map.
                        Can any one help me with this?
                        Thx for all and keep up the good work.
                        Nuno Ventura