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Re: when to use IRDP ? posted 10/13/2002
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I tried your config, RA(e0):, RB(e0):, RC(e0) all 3 routers connected to same vlan, they can ping each

RA disable routing, RB and RC's eth0 configure ip irdp.  RB preference
100, RC preference set to 50.

nothing comes up when i do show ip route on RA. :(,  any idea?

>From: "Nick Shah" >To: "Sara Li" , >Subject: Re: when to use IRDP ?
>Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 11:03:24 +1000 > >Sara > >Connect 3 routers via
ethernet. (make them part of same VLAN, or connect >them to the same hub)
>Lets call them RTA, RTB , RTC , assign ip addresses to all three of
them. >Disable ip routing on RTA >Enable IP IRDP on RTB & RTC ethernet
(interface config mode) , assign them >different preferences. >Enable IP
GDP IRDP (global configuration mode) on RTA >Wait for about 5 mins (or
decrease the IP IRDP MINAD 5, and MAXAD 5), and >then do a show ip route
on RTA > >You will see the default gateways. > >rgds >Nick >-----
Original Message ----- >From: Sara Li >To: >Sent: Sunday, October 13,
2002 10:21 AM >Subject: when to use IRDP ? > > > > Can some one explain
in what situation we need irdp? a sample >senario.Thanks > > in advance >
> > >
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