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Re: Lab solutions validation : Was RE: 3rd time worst! posted 10/09/2002
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At 11:48 AM 10/8/2002 +0800, Donny MATEO wrote:
>I know that one it is in the question of the Lab and I did mentioned it in my mail below
>(ofcourse within the restriction and traffic policing that the lab asked
>you to do).
>So if you routing table is correct and your connectivity is ok in accordance of the LAB rule, is
>there anything else that you can think of that can influence the lab.
>I can think of one,  misinterpretation of the question, but thats about  all I can think of

You should 
a) use extended pings and use the "far side" interface as the source. 
b) use "sho ip route | include 00:00" to check for routing loops or flapping routes.

Sho ip route will time stamp the age of the route.  Most should not have 00:00 as the leading digits.  This is one quick way to spot flappgin routes.