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Re: 3rd time worst! posted 10/08/2002
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I can feel ur feelings, i also didnt get on my 3rd attempt and the most
embarrassing is that all my mates to which i groupstudy got there #s and i
didnt. this is not because that i dont have that they have in them. I can
say this is also a game of luck.

Try take a break for a  month like me and come back to it gradually.... u
will see that u know more then the people in this group and ur on the top.

I am seeing u on this list when i started and ur also my level mate but i am
still struggling.... and beside this u have build ur lab from ur job money
and i am a student and single and build my lab bit by bit from my pocket
money. and didnt got my # :-(  very sad but i am still here and hope that i
will get my # one day.


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From: kpalmer <kip.palmer@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday, October 08, 2002 2:26 AM
Subject: 3rd time worst!

> I quit..
> Worst one yet!
> I'm a sad story: $15,000 invested, quit good job for final month of
> study, have three
> attempts that don't contribute to experience (exam topics change), and I
> don't have shit to show for it(Paul, please don't boot me). I have on
> "average", 8 hrs per day, over the last 14 months and that is no
> exaggeration if anything).
> I have mastered everyone of the lab scenarios out there. I haven't
> chased skirt for an embarrassing stretch. I have no friends, that aren't
> still in prison. What have I become?
> I beginning to wonder if I should go back to manufacturing dope? All
> this Johnny Be Good stuff is more depressing
> than watching my old lady and mom waving goodbye to me from the third
> row of the Superior Court room.
> I'm not stupid. I may not be the brightest, considering the years of
> alcohol and narcotic abuse. It has to have
> had some corrosive effect on my brain, but again, I'm not near obtuse,
> thick, or DERLICK.
> If I can say one thing about hard times, it is that if survived, they
> make victory that much sweeter.
> So, how can I abandon the super human efforts I have into my CCIE
> studies?
> I can't!!
> I'm now a geek like you's.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~