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3rd time worst! posted 10/07/2002
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I quit..

Worst one yet!

I'm a sad story: $15,000 invested, quit good job for final month of
study, have three
attempts that don't contribute to experience (exam topics change), and I
don't have shit to show for it(Paul, please don't boot me). I have on
"average", 8 hrs per day, over the last 14 months and that is no
exaggeration if anything).
I have mastered everyone of the lab scenarios out there. I haven't
chased skirt for an embarrassing stretch. I have no friends, that aren't
still in prison. What have I become?

I beginning to wonder if I should go back to manufacturing dope? All
this Johnny Be Good stuff is more depressing
than watching my old lady and mom waving goodbye to me from the third
row of the Superior Court room. 

I'm not stupid. I may not be the brightest, considering the years of
alcohol and narcotic abuse. It has to have
had some corrosive effect on my brain, but again, I'm not near obtuse,
thick, or DERLICK. 

If I can say one thing about hard times, it is that if survived, they
make victory that much sweeter.
So, how can I abandon the super human efforts I have into my CCIE

I can't!! 

I'm now a geek like you's.