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Re: doubt on dlsw and isdn posted 10/03/2002
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If you are trying to maintain the peering connection to be
UP all the time even during the rerouting through alternative paths
is going on, you can do it with keepalive 0 as you said. No way else.

That; why cisco implmeneted the rerouting capable encapsulations:TCP,FST,
LLC2, TCP with RIF-passthrough to handle the re-establishement of the
peer while rerouting to alternative paths.


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> r1----------fram---------r2
> r1---------isdn-----------r2
> i am making dlsw  fst or tcp peer between r1 and r2.
> r1 and r2 isdn connection is down and it will up when the fram link will go 
> down, i may use diler-watch or backup or ospf  demand-circuit
> question
> how i will maintain the peer even after fram conection is down ??
> i think when fram connection will go down isdn will kick up and routing 
> will converge.
> If i will use loopback address for peering then i would have path to reach 
> each other. And i will use keepalive 0
> in the remote peer so that the peer will not go down after fram link is down.
> Do i need to change the timeout in remote peer, if yes then how i will do 
> that in fst peer ????
> What you think what i will do to maintain the peer. Is this the right 
> solution or some thing else i am  missing???