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RE: !! Important - Please Read !! posted 10/03/2002
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If someone gets "banned" from taking either or both exams, they probabally have broken NDA in some fashion. Cisco is serious about trying to maintain the integrity of the CCIE.

At networkers in the CCIE power session, someone asked about study guides, and supposedly leaked labs/questions etc. The protors said that steps were being taken to deal with these types of things. Although they didn;t get into specific details.

If Cisco has banned you, then you probabally desrve it.


Tim Medley, CCNP+Voice, CCDP, CWNA
Sr. Network Architect
VoIP Group

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How many of you have been "Banned" from taking the CCIE Written Exam ?

How many of you have been "Banned" from taking the CCIE Lab Exam ?

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