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Re: passed in RTP, first attempt posted 09/23/2002
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Wow. You know, Omer and I were betting if you could pass this time. You
are working so hard on this and you are well deserve the title.



--- "Volkov, Dmitry (Toronto - BCE)" <dmitry_volkov@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello group,
> I passed (10292) from 1st attempt on Sunday in RTP (got e-mail in 55
> minutes
> after the Lab) !!!
> Time pressure was really hard (didn't have time to read CD at all),
> but it
> was doable.
> Many thanks to everybody from this group:
> Paul Borghese, Brian Dennis, Brian McGahan, Fred Ingham, Omer Ansari,
> Nick
> Shah, Chris Hugo, Hunt Lee, Mingzhou Nie, 
> Hansang Bae, Carlos G Mendioroz, Tommy Chang, Dave Madland , guys I
> met in
> RTP and ALL groupstudy community,
> Bradshow Labs (Jeff Kesemeyer) and CCBotcamp for the rack rental,
> Proctor Jeff Buddemeier - for his greatest patience, politeness and
> professionalism,
> Vince Cerf for TCP/IP,
> My wife Tania, friends -  Jason Alway and Kosta,
> Unfortunately I never took any classes because of financial
> constraints, and
> I consider  this newsgroup as one of the most important parts in my
> Lab
> preparation !
> Dmitry

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