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Re: CCIE 9958 posted 08/21/2002
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    Congratulations man! See... I told ya to come to Chicago for their boot camp!!

Bummer about the job... but we've talked offline about this and you know what my own
situation is. I'm sure you'll find something, but you might have to take a cut. 

Good luck,

--- Przemyslaw Karwasiecki <karwas@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> All,
> It finally happened. 
> I passed this Saturday in RTP on my third try.
> I would like to thank all of you on this list for support,
> for reinforcing my persistence, for sharing experience,
> and simply for being around.
> I would also like to thanks all guys at CyscoExpert for an excellent job
> with challenging my understanding of IP protocols and some general
> advices given to me. 
> I am working with reasonably big IP network at work, so I was making
> assumption that I should be able to handle IP network at CCIE lab
> as well. The problem is, that on CCIE lab scenarios given to you
> are not those typical for production network. You need to demonstrate
> ability to deal with not-so-typical setups, which really requires
> full understanding of routing protocols and their behavior well beyond
> what one would expect to see in usually straightforward production
> network design.
> I need to thanks again Brian from CyscoExpert for creating excellent
> labs, really challenging your understanding of technologies and 
> idiosyncrasies of their implementation in IOS.
> I also need to thanks Bahran from CyscoExpert for opening my eyes,
> that on CCIE lab, primary objective is to collect points and pass
> -- you don't have enough time to beautify your configs.
> One need to make sure to reach objectives of the lab,
> without breaking pre-set requirements. That's it.
> Would I use such design in production -- surely no!
> But as far as lab objectives are met -- you get your points,
> which should really be your "number one" goal on the lab.
> Also I would like to thank Adam, for being an excellent companion
> for drinking Samuel Adams :-) and discussions about BGP synchronization
> at Radisson bar (imagine two guys having 5th Sam Adams and fiery
> conversation over a diagram drawn on napkin :-)
> I also want to say thank you to Melody Green and Shannon Fair,
> for their understanding and helping me out with rescheduling of my lab,
> when my flight got canceled earlier in July. 
> And last but not least, I need really thanks my wife, for supporting
> my changing moods, lost confidence once I failed before, and for all
> suffering related to having a "datacenter" in living room for nearly
> half a year now. 
> It is so wonderfully quiet, when finally all my 8 2500 + cat 5500
> is powered off! I feels strange. Will I miss this humming?
> Thanks again to all of you,
> and good luck on your exam!
> Przemek, CCIE 9958
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