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RE: ospf area 0 range posted 08/12/2002
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I don't remember the scenario, but I will go based on what you have
discribed, your diagram and configs:

1) R5 is supposed to be doing redistribution between OSPF and IGRP.
2) R5 is also doing redistribute connected
3) Summary-address will summarise the (the redistribute
connected network) into
4) I assume that IGRP interface between R5 and R4 is of the same major net
and /24 mask 150.10.x.0/24

That's why you should see this connected /28 appear on R4 as

As for area 1 range, I am not sure what is the question here. But you know
that this command will summarize area routes into area 0. All other internal
routers to area 1 will see only the unsummarized route, and all other ASBR
routers on area 1 and 0 will see both routes ( haven't tested this one)



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I'm doing CCIEboot lab 20 and don't see the logic,
or even how they got the and route's to
show up in R4's
IGRP/IP table. I can't even simulate it.
The Lab is redistribute connected and summary-address only on the ASBR
and they show it in R9's IP table??

I guess the question is: regarding OSPF

If I key an >Area 1 range X.X.X.X/24 on one
area 1 ABR's router, is it EXPECTABLE or EXPECTED to key it on
all ABR's w/ an interface in Area 1? I've seen labs do it both ways?

The scenario is:
       |   OSPF A0
IGRP   a0
       a1------r1 a1
       |    N 10.0 /28
       r3     OSPF A1

R5,R1,and R3 are in area 1 with a /28 mask.
R4, is IGRP.


interface Serial multipoint
 ip address

router ospf 1
redistribute connected metric 65 subnets route-map con_sum

route-map con_sum permit the following:
access-list 50 permit

I'll be scouring CCO.....

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