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RE: Requirement for IS-IS in R/S LAB posted 08/08/2002
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At 5:24 PM -0600 8/7/02, Jim Brown wrote:

There isn't a blueprint for the lab, there is only a blueprint for the
written exam.

Ya got me -- I was speaking in shorthand. You are correct, but you also are correct in inferring that if ISIS hasn't been removed from the exam, and can run on the listed hardware, one has to assume it could be there.

I suspect it's especially likely to be seen as MPLS becomes more important, since ISIS-TE is farther along than OSPF-TE.

There is only an equipment list and you are responsible for configuring any feature in the IOS for the gear listed on the equipment list.

The only topics which you aren't responsible for because they have been
removed from the exam are: LAT, DECnet, Apollo, Banyan VINES,ISO CLNS, XNS,
ATM LANE, X.25, and Appletalk. Anything else in the IOS is fair game.

After November 4th, Token Ring, IPX, and IGRP will also be removed.

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At 3:43 PM -0700 8/6/02, Peng Zheng wrote:

Does anyone know what's the requirement for IS-IS
configuration in R/S LAB?

Thank you for help.

Best Wishes,
Peng Zheng

Is IS-IS in the lab blueprint? That should answer your question. _________________________________________________________________ Commercial lab list: Please discuss commercial lab solutions on this list.
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