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Re: OT: R.I.P. Edsger Wybe Dijkstra: 1930-2002 posted 08/08/2002
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At 9:18 PM -0500 8/7/02, Frank Jimenez wrote:
Not everyday a luminary in the computing world passes away:

Some notable quotes:

I still remember sitting in on some of his lectures back when I was attending UT in the late 80's. (God, am I already *that* old?) Truly a loss.

IF you don't know why his name is relevant to a Cisco CCIE study group,
THEN GOTO studying_some_more;

Frank Jimenez, CCIE #5738

Damn. Aside from his great contributions to software and mathematics, which underlie some of the key functions in routing, he was both a genuine, funny man and a fine teacher. I'll never forget his long shaggy dog story on how to pronounce his name whether it was called by value or called by reference.

He will be missed.

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