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OT: R.I.P. Edsger Wybe Dijkstra: 1930-2002 posted 08/08/2002
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Not everyday a luminary in the computing world passes away:

Some notable quotes:

I still remember sitting in on some of his lectures back when I was
attending UT in the late 80's. (God, am I already *that* old?)  Truly a

IF you don't know why his name is relevant to a Cisco CCIE study group,
THEN GOTO studying_some_more;

Frank Jimenez, CCIE #5738

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thank you for the info, hope people starting listening and stop typing
more crap up **Omar Masood 360**

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Subject: 200 per month.

> Just wanted to point out that there are reasons that number is so
> high.
> Many people started studying early in the year 2001.  Many people from

> that group have taken the lab more than once since 2001.  Yes, our
> studying material has gotten better, from the sheer number of people
> working together at this goal.  Think of NASA with 10s of thousands
> of people working together for a common goal.
> The more troublesome protocols like appletalk, atm lane, and vines
> were removed from the test last year, allowing us to use a more narrow

> focus on what was left.
> Groupstudy has allowed us to match wits with the lab and win.  I mean
> this in the sense of a study group of 3000 people working together.
> But about the comments of cheating and nda problems.  I believe it is
> human nature to have some degree of this, but its not the reason the
> pass rate is so high.
> I think the main reason is the competence of our members, the number
> of online study labs, the number of home labs.  In short we have
> people who could design a new lab exam every morning before 7 am and
> give the real proctors a run for there money.  We dont need cheating
> to pass, we got the real thing with the real equipment sitting in our
> living rooms.
> In other words, we have met the enemy and beat them.  Thats why the
> pass rate is 200 a month.
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