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RE: Anti-CCIE's ? posted 08/06/2002
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Maybe the job is not challenging enough for a CCIE and the employer knows
that a CCIE would soon look for another job, or that a CCIE would only be
taking the job to get work whilst still looking for something better?

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Subject: OT: Anti-CCIE's ?

Sorry about the OT, but here's a question relevant to most of us:

    Why do you suppose a company would post a job and specifically say that
they don't
want to hear from any CCIE's? I'm a little surprised and outraged by this.
Are there so
many CCIE's in Chicago looking for work (other than yours truly) that they
need to put
this stipulation in the description to keep a few hundred otherwise
unqualified CCIE's
from flooding their recruiters' mail boxes? Has the telecom deep-6 left this
field that
damaged? Has the credential now become a liability on my resume?


Any thoughts?


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