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RE: NSSA Type 7 to Type 5 question posted 08/05/2002
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At 1:02 PM -0400 8/5/02, Peter van Oene wrote:
both of you are making the same point. If a router is an NSSA ASBR and ABR, it has the choice of advertising externals into both, or one of the connected areas (in theory) This command is simply allowing this external information to be shield from the stub area if you desire it to be which is the point both of you seem to have made.

I believe, Grasshopper, that one of the signs of Network-Mastery is when two adepts can have a screaming agreement.

At 09:36 AM 8/5/2002 -0700, ying c wrote:

That's not what it said in

Below is from the web page's Filtering in NSSA

"There are situations where there is no need to inject external routes into the NSSA as type 7. This situation usually occurs when an ASBR is also an NSSA ABR. When redistribution takes place in this scenario, the router generates type 5 as well as type 7 LSAs. You can prevent the router from creating type 7 LSAs for NSSA using the following command:

     router ospf 1
      area 1 nssa no-redistribution

In the network diagram above, area 1 is configured
using the no-redistribution option. This means that
all IGRP routes are redistributed into
area 0, but no type 7 LSAs are generated for area 1.
Only configure this command on an NSSA ASBR that's
also an ABR."


--- "Volkov, Dmitry (Toronto - BCE)"
<dmitry_volkov@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


 "no-redistribution" will not sent lsa 5 into nssa.
 ABR/ASBR will sent only lsa 5 to area 0.


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 From: ying c [mailto:bf5tgh1@xxxxxxxxx]
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See this page:

 'not-advertise' means do not advertise type 7
 of the NSSA. i.e. type 7 LSA stays in the NSSA area
 and not to leak out to the rest of OSPF areas.

 There's another option 'no-redistribution' which
 apply to a router that happens to be an NSSA ABR and
 NSSA ASBR, by default this router will generate both
 type 5 and type 7 LSAs into NSSA, this option will
 save a little bit bandwidth and only send type 5

 --- Jaspreet Bhatia <jasbhati@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
 > Hello Folks,
 >                              When we get type 7
 > converted into Type 5
 > LSAs at the NSSA ABR . there is an option to
 > which type 7 LSA does
 > not get converted into a type 5 LSA .
 > summary-address prefix mask not-advertise
 > I did not understand the working of this command .
 > Can anyone throw some
 > light on it ?
 > TIA
> > Jaspreet
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