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RE: output-lsap-list posted 05/19/2002
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Try applying the access-list to your
dlsw remote-peer statement and not to
the soource-bridge statement.


Robert Miller

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I am new to this group - have a question on DLSW filtering.Here is my setup:


rsap:8,lsap:4                                         rsap:4,lsap8

Task: Prevent circuit between dspu peers by using output-lsap-list

Without any filters, circuit is formed between the peers. Then I configured
this access-list

R1# in tok0/0

         source-bridge output-access-list 222

    access-list 222 deny 0x0408 0x0000

    access-list 222 permit 0x0000 0xffff

Even after configuring this & doing clear dlsw circuits, the circuit is up.
I tried changing 0x0408 to 0x0804 - invain. Then I removed access-list 222
(deny all) - the circuit comes up no matter what. I am stuck. Can anyone
please tell me where I am missing? Thanks in advance.


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