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RE: please give suggestion posted 04/30/2002
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What about:

Moy, John (1998)  OSPF: Anatomy of an Internet Routing Protocol.
Addison-Wesley: 0-201-63472-4.  By the author of OSPF protocol, nothing
Cisco specific, no configs, so don't waste time on it if your date is close.

Retana, Alvaro, Russ White and Don Slice (2000) EIGRP for IP.
Addison-Wesley: 0-201-65773-2.  Excellent, to the point, and short book.
Nothing really in the way of exercises though.

Stewart, John W. III (1999).  BGP4.  Addison-Wesley: 0-201-37951-1.
Excellent, to the point, and short.  Read before attempting Halabi if not
familiar with BGP.

Halabi, Sam (2000).  Internet Routing Architectures Second Edition.  Cisco
Press: 1-57870-233-X.  Definitive book on BGP, last half has good config

Martey, Abe (2002).  IS-IS Network Design Solutions.  Cisco Press:
1-57870-220-8.  Haven't read it yet, but I know one of the technical editors
(Blair Buchanan #1427) and he is a Dude, personally and professionally.

Bon reading!


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At 10:20 AM 4/29/2002 +0800, li jian hua wrote:
>I need a book(not Routing tcp/ip v1 ,v2) which covers routing protocol and
is very good for lab.

What's wrong with Doyle's book?

But Advanced IP Routing by Slattery/Burton is pretty decent as well.  IT's
not quite "Advanced" but it's pretty good.

IP Routing by Alex Zinin does a very good job of how Cisco routers work at
the IOS/architecture level.

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