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RE: RSVP posted 04/23/2002
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I think my question was not clear.

Lets say i have a ip phone and a callmanager,  2 routers between them.

IPPhone ethernet  RouterA    Frame      RouterB   ethernet    Callmanager


IP Phone  need rsvp bandwith for voice on callmanager, i configure
on Router A ip rsvp bandwith blah blah, did i need to configure rsvp
on Router B as well? 

Do i need the command ip rsvp bandwith only if the 
connection is established by callmanager or do i need it
anyway on both ends of a point to point connection for rsvp?

Thanks for help in advance


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If you would follow the posts on this list you would have seen the post
yesterday about rsvp stating that it must be configured on all intermediate
routers between two end points.


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Subject: RSVP

Hi group

I have a basic question about rsvp:

Is it necessary to configure rsvp on both sides of a link ?

Mit freundlichen Gr|ssen

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