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RE: How much did your employer pay? posted 04/18/2002
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Good point.

Sorry to hear you're in that situation!

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Sent: Thursday, April 18, 2002 1:27 PM
To: Ludwig Morales; Scott Morris
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Subject: Re: How much did your employer pay?

> If yor company  will benefit any any way from your certification i think
> wrong that you have to pay for it (still you must give 110% and be
> responsible by not taking the lab if you have the slightest doub), also
> canot abligate you to take this exams and pay for them if you fail, that
> would be like imposing you a debt that you didnt ask for, well anyway i
> think you are in the best place to negotiate this, you are a CCIE now and
> the valued you before belive me they will valued you a lot more now.

Don't just make this assumption.  I saw somebody say if you work for a telco
or isp they'll be more willing.  Perhaps,
but don't count on your company paying for it just because they will
benefit.  I
work for an ISP that is a Cisco & Juniper partner and I got no support
whatsoever (no raise after passing, no help,  I had to use my vacation time
to go take the exam).
And no I'm not a help desk guy who went for his CCIE and expected the
company to pay for it.
Tier 2 and below ISPs and just about every large enterprise that has an
OC-x, DS3 or whatever with multiple ISPs relies on me if something goes
really wrong.
I'm probably the only person that knows BGP on an advanced level and can
discuss your internet routing setup/strategies/fixes/flaws with you.  The
company makes out on my knowledge in a big way but that doesn't mean they'll
understand that they should pay for your cert or see the value in it.
I'm just an example and I'll stop my ranting now :-)
Discuss those things with your employer before the fact (not afterwards) and
make sure it's clear on how much support you will get.  If they throw you
anything after you get certified that's great but don't count on it (just
consider it a bonus).


> I canot complay about my company, even though i had to arrange my own lab
> and buy my own material, theyve paid for my first attempt and my traveling
> expenses and theyll pay for the next one, so im studying hard, dont want
> disapoint them.
> Best of luck to you all
> Regards,
> Ludwig
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> From: "Scott Morris" <swm@xxxxxxxxxx>
> To: "'Antonio Marfil'" <tony.marfil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>;
> <ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Sent: Tuesday, April 16, 2002 12:06 PM
> Subject: RE: How much did your employer pay?
> > Everybody's employers are going to be different.
> >
> > When I was first doing this, I was CIO at a company.  I was the one who
> > created a policy that the company will pay for the PASSED exam fees for
> all
> > certifications.  Whether MCSE, CCNA, CCNP or CCIE the policy was the
> > So whenever I would fail something, I got to eat the cost myself.
> is
> > policy.
> >
> > From your company's standpoint, hopefully they have a set policy in
> > From your standpoint, if they don't, I would be looking at the "why" for
> the
> > CCIE.  Did they tell you that you had to get this?  Did they want you
> > Do they get a monetary benefit from you having it?
> >
> > If there is no set policy (applicable to everyone), and the answer to
> those
> > questions is yes at all, then I would say you have a strong case for
> getting
> > your failed attempts paid for as well.
> >
> > Scott
> >
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> > Antonio Marfil
> > Sent: Tuesday, April 16, 2002 11:17 AM
> > To: ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > Subject: How much did your employer pay?
> >
> >
> > I'm arranging my certification expense report for my employer with hopes
> of
> > being reimbursed for the whole amount and I've been told that my failed
> > attempts won't be covered.  It took me three tries to pass the CCIE, I
> > failed twice and finally passed on March 22nd.
> >
> > Have most of the aspiring CCIEs or certified CCIEs on this last been
> > reimbursed for there failed attempts?
> >
> > Is there a link on the internet showing what the average cost of CCIE
> > certification to an employer is?  My TOTAL expense report was for $5850
> > (including failed attempts) and I have a feeling this is way below the
> > average.
> >
> > Some things I didn't bother expensing were the cost of the rack ($7000),
> > travel, hotel, meals and books.  Have most of you included these?
> >
> > Your help and advice would be much appreciated!
> >
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> >
> > Regards,
> >
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