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RE: failed posted 04/10/2002
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Don't feel bad about your first attempt.  That's why the ccie is the most revered certification for anyone to achieve.  The pass rate for first timers is only like 8 to 10 percent.  

Think of the first time through as a very valuable, although expensive and heartbreaking, educational experience that will only serve to make you do better the second time through.  You learn a lot by going through the lab the first time now.  Use that experience to help you focus on your weakest and develop you skills even more.  Practice, Practice and more Practice.

Hope this cheers you up some.  Believe me I have been there too.

I know you will do better the second time.

Christopher M. Heffner
IMCR Course Director
Certified Cisco Systems Instructor

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Hi folks

I take my first attempt monday in brussels and unfortunately failed:-(((

It was a very hard day for me, i loose time in the morning on the switching
part. In the evening mi brain was cooking  the pressure is so
high....... I will try it again in 2 Months and i will study harder and
harder than before. 

I was prepared well but this is not enough, its the datail that builds
a ccie. At least i can say its possible to pass the lab but you must
be a champion in all the topics in DETAIL including typing and thinking.

So for those guys are in the same situation, dont give up. Its a question
of time........

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