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ping ok but OSPF adv router not reachable? posted 04/08/2002
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Can someone please explain why I can ping the advertising router but 'show ip ospf database router' say the router is not reachable? What can I do from here?


Adv Router is not-reachable <----- Why???
 LS age: 8 (DoNotAge)       <----- this is a virtual link
 Options: (No TOS-capability, DC)
 LS Type: Router Links
 Link State ID:
 Advertising Router: <----- ping result at the bottom
 LS Seq Number: 80000004
 Checksum: 0x89A
 Length: 48
 Area Border Router
  Number of Links: 2

   Link connected to: another Router (point-to-point)
    (Link ID) Neighboring Router ID:
    (Link Data) Router Interface address:
     Number of TOS metrics: 0
      TOS 0 Metrics: 9999

   Link connected to: a Stub Network
    (Link ID) Network/subnet number:
    (Link Data) Network Mask:
     Number of TOS metrics: 0
      TOS 0 Metrics: 9999

r4#ping <------ No problem here.

Type escape sequence to abort.
Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:
Success rate is 100 percent (5/5), round-trip min/avg/max = 40/40/40 ms

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