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RE: A little off topic posted 02/17/2002
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I use these all the time at work.  too bad it doesnt work on lower level

it should work ont he cat the same way as on the router  we have 6500 and
basically the include and exclude options work the same way as grep does in

there is another modifer in the lower models like 2500 series routes whcih
this does not seem to work on, wish it did. I beleive it works with 3000 and
up routers  and now that I think of it might be the fact we use route
modules in the 6500's  that this command works fine in it.

If anyone is aware of suing this command on 2500 or 2600 woudl be glad to
know  as I am getting in the habit at work of always using this  and it is a
little annoying not to have it at the home lab with the 2500 routers.

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Does any body know how to use output modifiers on a Cat IOS based switch
like you do in a router?  For example:

Sh run | include ntp

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