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Re: Auth Problem w/ RIP V2 posted 02/16/2002
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In a message dated 2/12/2002 9:12:22 PM Central Standard Time, 
greggm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> Subj:Auth Problem w/ RIP V2
> Date:2/12/2002 9:12:22 PM Central Standard Time
> From:    greggm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Gregg Malcolm)
> Sender:    nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Reply-to: <A HREF="mailto:greggm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx";>greggm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx</A> (Gregg Malcolm)
> To:    ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> I would config in this order :

*key chain
*turn up interfaces
*routing protocol
My .02c,
Rob H

> I'm experiencing a problem with MD5 auth and RIP v2.  I've config'ed NTP
> between to 2 routers that I'm using to test RIP V2 auth.  Both routers have
> key chains and identical accept and send start and infinite end times.  Both
> also have 'ip rip auth mode MD5' and ip rip auth key-chain text' configured.
> Debug of 'ip rip' returns "invalid authentication" message.  Can't find any
> additional debugs to shed more light on the problem.
> Has anyone experienced this ?  Does it matter if the key chain is config'ed
> before the int cmds?
> Any help appreciated.
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