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Re: Whew! CCIE 8776! posted 02/13/2002
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Way to go Chuck!  Perserverance pays off!

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From: "Chuck Church" <cchurch@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2002 11:43 PM
Subject: Whew! CCIE 8776!

> All,
> I think the title says it all.  Took the lab today at RTP.  4th time
> was the charm.  I don't know where to begin.  Might as well start with the
> thank you's.  Thanks to Bruce, Val, and Fred at NetMasterClass.  Thanks
> to those on the list that I've either studied with or have helped me out
> the past with problems.  Thanks also to Paul for putting this great list
> together.  As far as how I prepared, I might as well give the whole story.
> Started working on Cisco about 2 1/2 years ago after going though the
> and MS Certs.  After getting NA, DA, NP, and DP, I passed the CCIE written
> in October 2000.  Without really knowing how to study or what to prepare
> for, I got my butt handed to me in January at RTP.  Didn't know much more
> than your average CCNP would.  Tried again in April, but BGP killed me,
> again I didn't make it to day 2.  After that, I found a study partner
> (Thanks Boris) and we worked pretty hard last summer.  Did all the
> labs, thought I knew everything I needed to.
> November 4 of 2001, figured I'd breeze through the lab.  I don't
> know if it's true, but I heard the first couple of months with the new 1
> format had a very low pass rate.  I know I could have used a couple more
> hours to finish.  If anyone took the lab in Oct or Nov of last year and
> failed, don't be discouraged.  I think they've scaled it back a little
> nowadays.
> Fast forwarding to today.  After spending a week with Val, Bruce,
> and Fred at the NMC-1 course, and doing nothing but working on my speed, I
> felt pretty prepared.  Everything in the Doyle Volume 1 and Bruce/Val's
> made sense.  Though running a little low on sleep, I felt good this
> Roughly 4.5 hours into the test, we got lunch.  At that point I was done
> with the IGP's and almost done with the EGP's.  In other words about 2/3
> the way done, by my estimate.  At 1:30 I was done, but needed to go back
> work on 3 things I couldn't figure out.  A little discussing with the
> proctor, and 2 of them were fixed.  But then I think I read too much.  I
> solved a problem one way, but realized the wording of the question might
> change what they were looking for.  Checking with the proctor, I got the
> impression that he really didn't like my solution.  So there I am, 1.5
> to go, and I'm making a somewhat major change :(  Looked OK, but with 1/2
> hour to go, I noticed a 'neighborship' bouncing up and down :o  10 minutes
> to go, got it all working, but didn't get a chance to completely double
> check all my other work as time expired.  I know I left 1 thing
> (a 2 pointer), but started wondering if I'd made other mistakes.  They
> to expect the results tomorrow afternoon.  A plane flight back to New
> and there's the email waiting.  8776!
> If anyone's wondering what I used to study, here's the short list:
> Groupstudy!  Paul's done a great job.  There are certain people on this
> that should be flagged as must-reads.  I won't mention any last names, but
> there are a couple guys named 'Brian' (both long-time CCIEs) that are a
> asset to this list.  Thanks guys.
> Doyle - Volumes 1 and 2 - Everything you ever wanted to know about IP, but
> were afraid to ask.
> Bridges, Routers, and Switches for CCIEs - Bruce Caslow and Val
> - Used edition 2, but I understand 3 is coming out soon.  This book covers
> most everything.  I expect the new edition will cover more multicast and
> QOS, and drop Appletalk and DECnet.  But still the most useful book I've
> found.
> Halabi - Used 1st edition, but everything I was asked to do with BGP is in
> that book.
> Bootcamp labs - Worked though these with a partner, because his company
> cool enough to buy them for him, and my company wasn't!  Great preparation
> and simulation for the test.
> Various docs from CCO - Might as well go to the source!
> Most importantly - NMC-1  Bruce and Val
> explain the most difficult subjects very well.  A couple of things are a
> little lacking in the book, but they cover those very well in the class.
> prepared to work your a** off that week though.  8:30AM to 11PM is the
> that week.  But I highly recommend it, especially if you've come close to
> passing before.
> Well, sorry to ramble on so much.  I'm off to bed for a L O N G
> sleep.
> Thanks again,
> Chuck Church
> CCIE 8776
> Sr. Network Engineer
> Magnacom Technologies
> 140 N. Rt. 303
> Valley Cottage, NY 10989
> 845-267-4000 x218
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