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SAP filter at NLSP redistribution point posted 02/10/2002
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R3 is receiving sap update from NLSP. I try to filter out the SAP at r3 where NLSP is redistributed into eigrp so that all eigrp routers should not see the sap. I cannot do it with the following command: Why ?

ipx router nlsp
area-address 600 FFFFFF00
redistribute eigrp 123

ipx router eigrp 123
redistribute nlsp
distribute-sap-list 1000 out nlsp
network 123

access-list 1000 deny FFFFFFFF 0 r5_fs
access-list 1000 permit FFFFFFFF 0

r3#sh ipx server
Codes: S - Static, P - Periodic, E - EIGRP, N - NLSP, H - Holddown, + = detail
U - Per-user static
1 Total IPX Servers

Table ordering is based on routing and server info

Type Name Net Address Port Route Hops Itf
N 4 r5_fs 555.0051.0051.0051:0451 2/01 2 Tu0

Of course, if I change to "distribute-sap-list 1000 out s0" then it works. Your insight is appreciated.


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