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RE: Hiding BGP routes from BGP routing table posted 02/06/2002
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If you create an aggregate address under the BGP process ( aggregate-address
address-mask summary-only )you can specify to suppress longer matches.  The
suppressed routes show up in the local BGP table with an 's', they do not
show up in the routing table, and will not be advertised to peers.

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From: Steve Router [mailto:route2hell@xxxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: Hiding BGP routes from BGP routing table

I have a little problem understanding and finding any solid examples in 
books or online How do you suppress routes from the BGP routing table, I 
understand how to suppress routes to neighbors in BGP Howeve I cannt 
understand how to hide routes of connected interfaces or learned routes from

other neighbors or ASs in BGP.. I am lost here..any one know the command.. 
THanks st3v3 R0u7er

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