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2500 Series DRAM Upgrade posted 02/02/2002
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Hi CiscoCCIEs,
I would like to upgrade a Cisco 2500 series router from a 8 MB SIMM 
to a 16 MB SIMM. Can I use the standard PC 16 MB SIMM as a 
replacement in router.
The Cisco 2500 has one SIMM slot for DRAM. DRAM is available in 
either 4, 8, or 16 MB SIMMs. Currently-shipping Cisco 2500s have no 
DRAM on the motherboard. Because the Cisco 2500 has only one 
SIMM slot for DRAM, DRAM is not additive. Therefore, if you want to 
upgrade DRAM from 4 MB to 16 MB, you must remove the 4 MB 
SIMM and replace it with the 16 MB SIMM (part number: MEM-
Thanks for your advise.

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