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Re: VPN encryption posted 09/29/2001
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try this (or go back to various messages earlier this week)  (CCO TAC is
under Service & Support click the Technical Support Help -- Cisco TAC link
on the left navigation bar under Browse... click the Technologies button
Scroll down to the Security  subsection
Click the IP Security (IPSec) link

May the route be with you
Switch if you must, route if you can  ;-)

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Sent: Friday, September 28, 2001 10:51 PM
Subject: VPN encryption

> Hola!
> Does anyone know of any good links for encryption? (IPsec, ISKMP,
> ect..) I'm trying to find something that goes into some detail about how
> works and config examples. Or even a good book on the topic.
> Thanks in advance!
> JF
> John Feuerherd
> Wells Fargo Bank
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> John.K.Feuerherd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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