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Réf. : Multicast Server and Client posted 09/28/2001
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you can try the Microsoft Windows media server
-> ,
and go to the Windows Media Tools and Services to download "Windows media
services 4.1".
But you need a NT or W2000 server.
The client is simply the Windows media player on W95, w98 etc..
And it works pretty well.


Internet - 28/09/2001 11:29

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Objet :   Multicast Server and Client

Hello Everyone,

Does anybody know of a multicast server freeware program that can poduce
multicast packets;  Also, the corresponding client program.

I need the server and client to simulate multicast traffic so that I can
test my multicast configuration and actually see multicast routes on the

Does anybody know of a way to produce actual multicast traffic using Cisco
IOS software alone.

Joseph Hao
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