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Re: CCIE Lab Preparations posted 09/27/2001
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Is Mentor on the brink?
I predicted this a little while ago, seeing as how the
management has totally changed out.  This exactly happened
at Exodus communications (vlab is hosted here) 
and they just file Chapter 11. I feel $4000 is too much 
for this class and then to have the instuctor's trying 
to sell you labs on the side is wrong i feel.


Assuming that Mentor Tech stays in business long enough for you to take 
class.  vLabs are good because you're on real equipment, and the speed has
improved, but it still can be a deadly slow experience.

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Ken -

I'd suggest Mentor Technologies (yes, I do work for them.)

Our instructor led training courses are top notch. (By the way, Bruce
Caslow has worked for us for several years.)  We offer ECP1 (described at ) and are also offering an
extension to the ECP1 course, ECP2.  ECP-2 is a five day course that
provides additional CCIE preparation services beyond ECP-1. (described at )

We have ~ 300 vLabs exercises that provide lab scenarios and access to 
gear.  The vLabs cover basic to expert topics, and they include hints,
sample solutions, and final configs.

We recently partnered with Cisco to deliver a powerful, real-time,
skills-based assessment tool called the vLab CCIE Assessor.  The vLab CCIE
Assessor will automatically grade a candidate's performance in a CCIE-
lab, and provide recommendations for additional hands on practice.

Check us out at


Carole Warner Reece, CCIE #5168
Mentor Technologies
At 02:15 PM 9/26/01 -0500, KStringer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>Hello all,
>I am looking for some good references for a prep class at this point cost
>is no issue and what would be the best recommended online training or 
>sites?  As far as technologies go, should I focus on the blueprint for
>cisco's websit for the qual exam or am I missing something?  Initially I
>was eyeballing Bruce Caslows class for ARS Limited but wanted to make 
>that would be a good avenue to aproach along with a great deal of study
>time.  Thanks in advance for any input.
>Ken Stringer
>Cherbonnier, Mayer & Associates, Inc.
>v. 225-927-9200 x 332
>f. 225-761-3815
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