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Re: ccbootcmp related question posted 09/26/2001
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**This message is forwarded to the people i feel need to see this email and
my reply**

Hello CCIE:
                    No, i cannot forward you ANY of the CCbootcamp labs. I
have spent my own expenses in preparing for my lab and if the CCbootcamp
labs ($650.00) take up nearly your early salary as you state below, then i
suggest you stop working for a fast food restaurant and get some real
experience. The CCbootcamp labs wouldnt help you anyway if your ownly
earning over $650.00 a year. My suggestion to you is save your money, go buy
some books and study that way first. Then, maybe save some money up and get
internet access so you can do research online. Then, try and get some work
experience and get a higher paying job. Then maybe then you can email Marc
Russell again and tell him you can afford to pay for the ccbootcamp labs,
they are well worth it, im working on lab 8 now and it is very difficult for
me, and im struggling with it in some areas, but once i learn how it all
comes together i will be that much closer to passing my lab when i take it.

Good luck
Chris Martin

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From: "ccie" <ccie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2001 5:00 AM
Subject: ccbootcmp related question

> Hello CCIE netorker...
> I'm preparing for my own CCIE lab session but still looking for some good
> resource of labs. I send mail to Marc Russell some time ago but he cannot
> send me labs for any cheaper price that current official price. For me the
> official price is to expensive. It is near yearly salary 8-( Is it
> possible
> that you send my any lab from CCBOOTCAMP package ? is that possible ?
> If is possible please send me any lab as separata email attachent
> commpressed with some
> comprsion software. Thanks in advance CCIEguru.
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