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Simple ATM question posted 09/26/2001
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I am trying to bring up a pvc between two routers. The PVC seems to be up but
I cannot ping across of the pvc or even my own interface. I believe I have all
the proper configuration is place.
Following is the configuration of one of the interfaces. The other end is
exactly the same with the exception of the IPs. Am I missing something obvious


interface ATM0/0
 no ip address
 no atm ilmi-keepalive
interface ATM0/0.32 multipoint
 ip address
 pvc 0/32
  protocol ip broadcast
  protocol ip broadcast
  encapsulation aal5snap

OUTPUT OF 'show atm pvc'

R6#sho atm pvc
            VCD /                                      Peak  Avg/Min Burst
Interface   Name       VPI   VCI  Type   Encaps   SC   Kbps   Kbps   Cells
0/0.32     1            0    32   PVC    SNAP     UBR  155000

OUTPUT of 'show atm int atm0/0'

R6#sho atm int atm0/0
Interface ATM0/0:
AAL enabled:  AAL5 , Maximum VCs: 1024, Current VCCs: 1

Maximum Transmit Channels: 64
Max. Datagram Size: 4496
PLIM Type: SONET - 155000Kbps, TX clocking: LINE
Cell-payload scrambling: OFF
sts-stream scrambling: ON
0 input, 25 output, 0 IN fast, 0 OUT fast, 0 out drop
 Avail bw = 155000
Config. is ACTIVE

Any suggestion ?

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