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RE: Fault Tolerant DLSw posted 09/25/2001
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As stated in my email, using backup-peers causes the users sessions to be
disconnected back to the login looking to prevent that....


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Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2001 7:11 PM
To: Murphy, Brian J SITI-ISET-31
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Subject: Re: Fault Tolerant DLSw

It's fairly easy.  You set up a backup peer.  Something like

dlsw remote-peer <primary dlsw ip> backup-peer <backup dlsw ip>

"Murphy, Brian J SITI-ISET-31" wrote:
> People,
> I have been given the task of getting a completely fault tolerant solution
> for DLSw+ connections to our mainframe.
> I currently have the following set-up:
>                         ||
> Main    |-------------------2924XL-------2621----------backbone1
> Frame   |-------------------2924XL-------2621----------backbone2
>                         ||
> So I believe I have physical fault tolerance.  But how do I configure the
> DLSw+ to be fault tolerant?  I have investigated DLSw+ Ethernet Redundancy
> but it does not look like it can do what I want, since if one mainframe
> interface fails fall over to the other interface.  I know I can use DLSw+
> backup-peers, but when fail over occurs the users sessions are
> was wondering if anyone knows a better way?
> Brian Murphy
> LDM 4452
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