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BGP Simple Question .... posted 09/24/2001
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Hi group

I've got a simple (I hope) query regarding BGP when it comes down to the actual lab exam. Let's take the following network as an example ....|---R1-----R2-----R3-----R4---|

Here we've got a very straight forward network running BGP and R4 sees and R1 sees The links in between are 192.168.x.x/30 networks and not advertised in BGP.

When it comes to pinging (extended), we can ping from the outside interfaces on R1 and R4 to each other no problem. However if we do a standard ping from R1 to R4, it's going to use the source address on the link to R2 which is a 192.168.x.x address. Therefore we will get unsuccessful ping results, as it is not advertised and there will be no return path.

My question here is whether the proctor will expect us to advertise the 192.168.x.x networks so everything is pingable from everywhere, or will we only take into consideration pinging from the networks to be advertised.

Your thoughts on this would be great ..... Thanks .... MW :)
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