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DO NOT OVERPAY for ISDN demonstrators/simulators. posted 09/22/2001
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Do not overpay for your ISDN simulator.

I bought a Teltone ISDN Demonstrator for several hundred dollars under list
price from one of the distributors listed on Teltone's web-site.  This was
last summer, I think.  I paid about $1,405 plus tax at a time when these
things were listed at around $1,700 or $1,800 and going on ebay for around
the list price,  or not much less than the list price. I think the shipping
was 5 bucks, so maybe the price of the Demonstrator was $1,400.

I remember that the list price went up around a hundred dollars soon after I
bought mine last year.  But hey, we are in the biggest telecom/datacom slump
ever seen, so you should not pay much more than I did.  I have found that it
can save me a lot of money to call people and talk to them directly.  Even
people who run websites that sell goods will often cut you a break if you
call them and talk to them.  You may not even have to ask for a discount.
(Of course, this principle does not apply to Dell and other big operators
who keep their overhead low by using web-based transactions.)

Best regards,
Thomas Larus

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> Hi,
>     I have been looking for cheap ISDN simulators for last 3 months but
> get it... the only thing i
> got is the links for companies who are selling it.... if u want to buy use
> these links... i think they are
> the only one on the net..... hope this will help u
> ISDN emulator on the NET
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