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OT: Teltone ISDN Demonstrator for sale posted 09/17/2001
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Hello all...  I am interested in selling my Teltone ISDN Demonstrator that I
used while preparing for the lab.  This is the one with the two U interfaces,
so you will need an external NT-1 for those S/T interfaces (I'd throw mine in,
but it was on loan to me from work...).  I bought it brand new this past
spring and it is in mint condition with the original packing material and
everything it comes with.  I used it our main switch room, so it has always
been in a power and environmentally controlled area.  I'm asking $1600.00 (the
shipping costs within the continental US included in this price), but will
listen to any reasonable offers.  I'll accept money orders / cashier's checks
and personal checks (must wait to clear first, though).

Please contact me off-line if you are interested or want a digital picture,
router debugs, etc.


-Jeff, CCIE # 8007
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