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Re: DLSW Initialization posted 09/17/2001
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Both sides use port 2065 as destination. Side with higher IP
address will drop connection that its initiated.


Jim Brown wrote:
> When DLSW+ peers begin communication, they open a connection for each
> direction. After exchange they decide to drop one of the TCP connections.
> PeerA contacts PeerB on TCP 2065 and then Peer B returns contact by
> initiating another TCP session on TCP 2066. I can't remember the ports but
> you get the concept. Initially there are two TCP sessions open between
> peers.
> The peers then decide to drop one of the two connections and use the single
> bi-directional connection based on who has the higher IP address. This is
> why DLSW+ behind NAT can be a problem.
> I think the statement is saying the return connection from the far end peer
> will use the same encapsulation as it was contacted with for the second,
> return, connection.
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