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RE: BGP route withdraw question ECP1 lab scenario posted 09/17/2001
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Take a look at the following link for info:

Not sure this will help as I am not familiar with your topology.


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		From:	Paul Young [mailto:tsungdapaulyoung@xxxxxxxxx]
		Sent:	Monday, 17 September 2001 11:16
		To:	ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
		Subject:	BGP route withdraw question ECP1 lab

		Does anyone know what may be the cause of correct BGP
		routes being installed initially, then some of the BGP
		routes (BGP routes with dual paths) got withdrawn by
		its neighbors for some reason.  Trying to troubleshoot
		this problem.
		Any ideas, inputs appreciated.

		Using ECP1's Configuring BGP (Additional exercise).

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