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RE: OSPF Area Summary Question posted 09/16/2001
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You may want to try the Summary-address command.  You would still need to
get the network into your routing table.  The router would
essentially become an ASBR.  This will make the network appear as
an external network E2 or E1.  This would be a way to advertise the
network into your OSPF process without placing it into OSPF....

just a thought.

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From: Cade Wagner [mailto:cwagner@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Sunday, September 16, 2001 2:51 PM
To: 'ohanusi anthony'; 'ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
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Subject: RE: OSPF Area Summary Question

	The problem is indeed that I don't have a subset of area 1 in the
range of  Maybe I am approaching the problem incorrectly.  How
then do I advertise a range that isn't included in an OSPF area to OSPF
Routers without redistribution, without statics, and without adding the
outside range to an OSPF area?  Thinking about it I guess that I could add a
loopback to this range and then use the area range command.  Any thoughts?

	Cade Wagner

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From: ohanusi anthony [mailto:ohanusi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Sunday, September 16, 2001 10:46 PM
To: Cade Wagner; 'ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
Subject: Re: OSPF Area Summary Question

make sure you are executing this commmand on an abr .

At 01:44 PM 9/16/2001 -0400, Cade Wagner wrote:
>         Not sure what I am doing wrong, but I can never get the area 1
> command to work.
>         Many of the examples that I have seen have a route to Null0 for
>is summarized.  Is this necessary like in BGP for advertised networks?
>a route from another protocol like EIGRP work in its place?  I have tried
>all three ways with no success.  Probably just overlooking something
>Thanks for the help in advance.
>         Cade Wagner
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